Services and Fees

Cambodian-American Heritage, Inc. (CAHI) provides free of charge instruction in Cambodian classical and folk dances and Cambodian music.

In addition, no membership dues are charged by the organization.

To support its activities, CAHI relies upon public support through fundraisers and seeks additional support through grants.

Additional support is provided through honoraria and performance fees.

The Dance Troupe of Cambodian-American Heritage performs in a variety of settings, from productions by the full troupe to smaller dance ensembles and master classes and workshops by the master dancers.

Fees for appearances by members of the troupe are based on the number of participating performers, length of program and travel expenses when applicable. The executive management of the troupe works closely with potential presenters and organizers of events to develop quality programs at all fee levels.

Please contact Cambodian American Heritage at 301-292-6862 or 703-370-8980 for more information. Contact can also be made through regular mail or our guest page.

Cambodian-American Heritage provides communities across the United States and abroad with a rare opportunity to enjoy and experience Cambodian fine arts at its best. We encourage artistic presenters to consider us in their venue plans and concert seasons.

Gary A. Marco
Program Administrator
Cambodian American Heritage, Inc.