The mission of Cambodian-American Heritage (CAHI) is to perpetuate the traditional culture of Cambodia by preserving its arts, music, dance, history and language in the United States.

This mission is accomplished by training Cambodian-Americans in their language, literature, music, dance, history and language in the United States of America.

Performances of music and dance, exhibitions and other sharing of the arts
of Cambodia further the mission of the organization.

Cambodian American Heritage will also conduct workshops, seminars and presentations to disseminate and share the various aspects of Cambodian culture and tradition.

It is also the organization's mission to assist in the emotional and physical adjustments of Cambodians to American society by providing opportunities for social interaction, and orientation to American history and  culture.

Cambodian American Heritage works in cooperation with various agencies, public and private, to assist Cambodian refugees.

Finally, Cambodian-American Heritage furthers its mission by providing opportunities for cultural interaction between Cambodian-Americans and the American community at-large, to promote the importance of cultural diversity and understanding among people of all cultures.

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