Cambodian-American Heritage : Behind The Scenes
The Lotos Club, New York City, June 10, 1999

On Thursday, June 10, 1999 members of the dance troupe were in New York City for a benefit performance organized by the Grand Hotel D'Angkor of Siem Riep Province, Cambodia and the World Monument Fund.

The performance lasted about 45 minutes.

What many people unfamiliar with Cambodian dance don't realize is the amount of time necessary to prepare for the dance.

Cambodian-American Heritage pays strict attention to costume detail. Following lunch and rehearsal, dancersspent the better part of an entire afternoon dressing for a 7:45 PM performance.

In these photographs taken by troupe photographer, Pete So, dancers are seen preparing for the evening's performance.

Meticulously, the dancers are fitted with their costumes. Much of the costuming effort requires hand sewing bydancers and wardrobe specialist, Madam Sam-Ang Phlong. Dance director, Sam-Oeun Tes, and master dancers Yim Devi Dos, Sovanny Chun, and Sochietah Ung, also assist each other and the troupe dancers with the costuming requirements of the performance. Also assisting with costuming and makeup were members of the music ensemble, Vanna Kheav and Sophy Hoeung.

Costuming is a serious affair. Often, the dancers use this time to reflect on the performance to comexpraying to their ancestors and the spirits of all the dancers through the ages who have gone before them, asking for their blessings.

The Dance Troupe of Cambodian-American Heritage. A tradition of excellence in the Cambodian dance repertoire since 1980.

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