We, the undersigned natural persons of the age of twenty-one years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation pursuant to the District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act:

First: Name
The name of the Corporation is Cambodian-American Heritage, Inc.
Second: Duration
The period of duration is perpetual.
Third: Purpose
The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:
    1. To perpetuate the traditional culture of Cambodia by preserving its arts, music, dance, history and language in the United States of American.
      a. by training Cambodian-American in their language, literature, music, dance, arts and history
      b. by performances of music and dance, exhibits and other sharing of the arts of Cambodia
      c. by research and publication of materials related to Cambodia, its culture and its traditions conducting workshops, seminars, and presentations to disseminate and share the various aspects of Cambodian culture and tradition
    2. To provide services which assist in the emotional and physical adjustment of Cambodians to American society
      a. by providing opportunities for social interaction among Cambodians
      b. by providing orientation to new refugees and their sponsors
      c. by cooperating with and assisting other social service agencies, public and private, in their programs to serve Cambodian refugees.
    3. To secure and hold copyrights of books, periodicals tracts and pamphlets; to publish, print, buy, sell and circulate among its members literature in any or all languages;
    4. To receive gifts, legacies, and donations from any or all of its resources from time to time to carry out the purposes of the Corporation; and
    5. To exercise all such power and authority as may be necessary to carry out the purposes specified above.
Fourth: Non-profit Corporation
The Corporation is not organized for profit and will not engage in political activity. No part of the net earning of the Corporation shall be inure to the benefit of any individual incorporator, director, member or sponsor. In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the Corporation, its remaining property, proceeds, and assets will be distributed to organization(s) with appropriate exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and its regulations, contributions to which are deductible, or to any state of Local Government, exclusively for public purposes.

In furtherance of the purposes set forth in article third hereof, the Corporation shall have the power to the same extent as natural persons might or could have, to purchase or otherwise acquire, and to hold, own, maintain, work, improve, develop, sell, lease, exchange, hire, convey mortgage or otherwise dispose of and deal in lands and leaseholds, and any interest, estate, and rights in real property, and any personal or mixed property, and any franchises, rights, licenses, or privileges necessary, convenient or appropriate.

Fifth: Registered Agent and Office
The address of the initial registered office is:

           4619 49th Street N.W.
           Washington, D.C. 20016

The name of its initial registered agent whose business address is the same as the address of the initial registered office of this Corporation is Voha H. Chuon.

Sixth: Members
Members shall be without regard to age, sex, color, religion, race, or nationality, upon nomination for membership in a manner provided for in the By-Laws, and upon recognition by the Board of Directors.

Members shall each have one vote; and shall have the right to elect the members of the Board of Directors; and shall resolve all matters which require consideration by the membership, as provided in the By-Laws.

Seventh: Board of Directors
There shall be a Board of Directors whose member shall be fixed by the By-Laws and each memeber shall hold office for a term of one, two, or three years and be elected by the members. The directors, in addition to the powers granted by the By-Laws, shall manage the affairs of the Corporation and shall have the power to create any commisior agency to that end.
Eighth: Sponsors
Persons contributing to the work of the Corporation will be eligible to be sponsors, as defined in the By-Laws. Sponsorship shall not automatically constitute membership and a vote in the Corporation.
Ninth: Initial Directors
The number of directors constituting the initial Board of Directors is nine, and the names and addresses of the persons who are to serve as the initial directors until successors are elected are:
Name Address
Saroeum Tes 5412 Joel Lane
Temple Hills, Maryland 20031
Phan Phoung 322 N. George Mason Dr. #1
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Phorn C. Powers 1501 Potomac Heights Dr.
Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022
Ms. Lany Lang 1510 Key Boulevard #40
Arlington, Virginia 22209
Soum Sokhon 18714 Pintail Lane
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760
Chun Chen 3405 A South Stafford Street
Arlington, Virginia 22206
Pruom Im 6030 Belle View
Falls Church, Virginia 22041
Son Snguon 3206 Landover Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22305
Chan Meas 2107 Early Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302
Tenth: Incorporators
The names and addresses of the incorporators are:
Name Address
Voha H. Chuon 4619 49th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016
Saroeum Tes 5412 Joel Lane
Temple Hills, Maryland 20031
Phorn C. Powers 1501 Potomac Heights Dr.
Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022


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